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Automatically tracking neurons in a moving and deforming brain

Fig 6

Comparison of the automated Neuron Registration Vector Encoding algorithm with manual human annotation.

A previously published 4 minute recording of calcium activity (strain AML14) was annotated by hand, [10]. (A) Spheres show position of neurons that were detected by the automated algorithm. Grey indicates a neuron detected by both the algorithm and the human. All neurons detected by the human were also detected by the algorithm (70 neurons). Red indicates neurons that were missed by the human and detected only by the algorithm (49 neurons). (B) Histogram showing number of neurons that were mismatched for a given fraction of time-volumes when comparing automated and manual approaches. Only those neurons that were consistently found by both algorithm and human were considered. An automatically identified neuron was deemed correctly matched for a given time-volume if it was paired with the correct corresponding manual neuron.

Fig 6