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Mechanisms underlying different onset patterns of focal seizures

Fig 4

Simulated microstimulation to track global changes in excitability.

(A) Varying model input P over time in all spatial locations, to simulate changing levels of global excitability. (B) Resulting mean-field recording (ECoG). (C) Stimulation responses at one of the 9 stimulation sites. Red vertical lines mark stimulation time. Stimulation duration was 6 ms. (See Methods for more details). (D) Maximal stimulation response averaged across all 9 stimulation locations plotted over time. Error bars indicate the standard error, giving an estimated range for the actual sample mean (if more stimulation electrodes were used). Pearson correlation coefficient of (A) vs. (D): 0.8246, p < 0.001. The parameters used can be found in Table 1.

Fig 4