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Interrogating the topological robustness of gene regulatory circuits by randomization

Fig 4

The gene states of the toggle-switch motif are robust against different types of distributions used to sample the parameters.

(A) Uniform distributions in three different ranges were used to sample the kinetic parameters of the RACIPE models. The top panels show the range of the distribution (left panel: the full range; middle panel: half; right panel: one-fourth). The bottom panels show the probability density maps of the gene expression data from all the RACIPE models. Similarly, panels (B) and (C) show the use of a Gaussian distribution and an exponential distribution, respectively. For the Gaussian distribution (B), its standard deviation was shrunk by a factor of two from left to right. For the Exponential distribution (C), its mean was reduced by a factor of two from left to right. The means of the distributions are indicated by red arrows.

Fig 4