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A computational analysis of in vivo VEGFR activation by multiple co-expressed ligands

Fig 7

Immobilized ligand binding to sR1 alters tissue distribution, while immobilized ligand binding to EC receptors alters activation state.

Panels show percent change from baseline. Thus, the smallest bars indicate little impact of the removed reactions on a given output, while large bars indicate large change when the reactions are removed. Cell Only: Immobilized ligand allowed to bind to EC receptors, but not sR1. Binding of ligand to immobilized sR1 is also not allowed. sR1 Only: Immobilized ligand allowed to bind to sR1, and ligand to immobilized sR1, but binding of immobilized ligand to EC receptors is not included. No MLR: No matrix-ligand-receptor or matrix-ligand-sR1 complexes are allowed to form. Top: Changes in fit ligand secretion and receptor production rates to match plasma ligand and sR1 targets and tissue EC surface receptor targets. Middle: Distribution of free, total, and matrix-bound VEGF and PlGF. Bottom: EC receptor activation.

Fig 7