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Single-Cell Co-expression Analysis Reveals Distinct Functional Modules, Co-regulation Mechanisms and Clinical Outcomes

Fig 4

Distinct regulatory mechanisms are associated with co-expressions in single cells and bulk tissues.

(A) Two models for co-regulation. Two genes which were detected to have synchronized promoters at the bulk level may not be simultaneously regulated at the single-cell level. Two genes interacting with each other in 3-D chromatin may be co-regulated by the same enhancer. (B) Examples of DHS correlations in three types of co-expressed gene pairs. The figure showed six cell lines as examples. The correlation coefficients (R) were calculated based on 125 cell lines. (C) The distribution of the correlation coefficients of DHS signals across 125 cell types between co-expressed genes. (D) Fraction of co-expressed genes that have genomic interactions.

Fig 4