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A Geometrically-Constrained Mathematical Model of Mammary Gland Ductal Elongation Reveals Novel Cellular Dynamics within the Terminal End Bud

Fig 6

Assessment of TEB path tortuosity.

The angle of deflection caused by bifurcation, the frequency of bifurcation, and the disparity between displacement and path tracing measurements were measured. A) Representative image of a TEB bifurcation event with the original path of the TEB noted as a solid line, the new path of each TEB as a result of the bifurcation are noted as dotted lines and the angles measured noted. B) Quantification of the angle of deflection presented as mean (whiskers denote range)(n = 62). C) Representative image of TEB’s growth path with 2 bifurcation events noted and the length of duct between noted with a solid line. D) Quantification of the total length of duct between bifurcation events is presented as mean (whiskers denote range)(n = 23). E) Total length of duct measurements were compared to corresponding displacement measurements. Displacement measurements consistently underestimated the total length by 6.1% (±0.9) (p = .0001, paired ratios t-Test, n = 23).

Fig 6