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A Geometrically-Constrained Mathematical Model of Mammary Gland Ductal Elongation Reveals Novel Cellular Dynamics within the Terminal End Bud

Fig 5

Experimental determination of TEB displacement rate.

Quantification of the distance from the nipple to the ductal boundary in 5 (n = 18), 6 (n = 18), 7 (n = 18), and 8 (n = 8) week FVB mice. A) Representative inguinal glands from 5, 6, 7 and 8 week old FVB mice are pictured with a dashed line demarcating the ductal front. B) Quantification of the outgrowths at each time point are fitted with a best fit line (one-way ANOVA p<0.0001, R2 = .8274). On average during puberty, the duct grows at a rate of 0.54 mm per day.

Fig 5