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A Geometrically-Constrained Mathematical Model of Mammary Gland Ductal Elongation Reveals Novel Cellular Dynamics within the Terminal End Bud

Fig 4

Cap cells migrate into body cell layer and undergo apoptosis.

Proliferation status and apoptotic status of SMA+ cells were investigated in both the outer regions (Region 1 and 2) and the inner regions (Regions 5 and 6) of the TEB. A) Representative image of a TEB triple stained for SMA, BrdU, and CC3. B) Mean number of SMA+ cells present in each region, (whiskers denote range) n = 34 TEBs. C) SMA+ cells also positive for BrdU or pHH3 in each region presented as mean ┬▒SEM, *p < .05, ****p < .0001, n = 34 TEBs. D) Quantification of SMA+ cells positive for CC3 in each region presented as mean, ****p<0.0001 (whiskers denote range) n = 34 TEBs.

Fig 4