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A Geometrically-Constrained Mathematical Model of Mammary Gland Ductal Elongation Reveals Novel Cellular Dynamics within the Terminal End Bud

Fig 2

Determination of proliferation rate and cell cycle dynamics.

Proliferation rates were analyzed by performing a dual labeling experiment with thymidine analogs EdU and BrdU. Mice were given a pulse of EdU at time “0”, then pulsed with BrdU every 2 hours for 24 hours. Mice were harvested 2 hours after pulsing with BrdU. A) Representative images of TEBs from each time point stained for EdU and BrdU incorporation. B) Quantification of EdU and Brdu single and double-positive populations throughout the time course indicate an S phase duration of 6 hours and total cell cycle time of 16 hours (n = 3 mice, 12 glands, 10 TEBs). See also S3 Fig.

Fig 2