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Sources of Variability in a Synthetic Gene Oscillator

Fig 2

Correlation in fluorescence intensity of sister cells after cell division.

A. Scatter plot of fluorescence intensity of sister cells t minutes after cell division (blue triangles, t = 3min; yellow squares, t = 24min). Three minutes after cell division, fluorescence intensity of sister cells is highly correlated with ρX1,X2 = 0.98. The correlation decreases to ρX1,X2 = 0.67 at 24 minutes after cell division. The insets show example pairs of sister cells. Data comes from approximately 150 pairs in the same lineage shown in Fig 1. B. Pearson correlation coefficient averaged across lineages as a function of time after cell division (blue circles, mean±sd; light colored curves, correlation functions for each of the 6 lineages).

Fig 2