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Network Events on Multiple Space and Time Scales in Cultured Neural Networks and in a Stochastic Rate Model

Fig 2

Inter-network-spike interval (INSI) statistics in the noisy mean-field model, for varying levels of excitation (wexc) and inhibition (winh).

Panel A: 〈INSI〉 (the scale is in seconds); panel B: coefficient of variation of INSI (CVINSI). For high net excitation (bottom-right quadrant) short-term depression plays a determinant role in generating frequent and regular (low CVINSI) NSs; for weak excitability (upper-left quadrant) random fluctuations are essential for the generation of rare, quasi-Poissonian NSs (CVINSI ≃ 1). The solid lines are isolines of the real part ℜλ of the dominant eigenvalue of the mean-field dynamics’ Jacobian; white line: ℜλ = 0 Hz; red line: ℜλ = 3.5 Hz; black line: ℜλ = −3.5 Hz. Note how such lines roughly follow isolines of 〈INSI〉 and CVINSI.

Fig 2