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Comparative Analysis of Yeast Metabolic Network Models Highlights Progress, Opportunities for Metabolic Reconstruction

Fig 6

Growth simulations demonstrate interplay between network reconstruction and constraints.

A) Optimal biomass flux calculated by flux balance analysis increased linearly with glucose uptake flux for all models when the glucose exchange reaction is the only constrained media component. All model predictions had a 0.8158 correlation with previously reported measured growth rate. B) When glucose and oxygen exchange reactions were both constrained to experimental values, there are high-correlation (black) and low-correlation models (red). C) Restricting flux through a mitochondrial aspartate transport reaction did not affect the predictions for the high correlation models, and improved all remaining correlations to >0.9, with the exception of the Yeast 4 model, which still over-predicted the maximum biomass flux at high glucose:oxygen exchange constraint ratios.

Fig 6