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A Generative Statistical Algorithm for Automatic Detection of Complex Postures

Fig 4

(A) Anterior coils and posterior coils exhibited by an animal carrying the egl-30(gf) allele. Arrows and arrow-heads point to the head (blue) and tail (magenta) of the animals, respectively. (B) Top: the percentage of frames in which posture was successfully identified in wild-type animals and coiler mutants using morphological operations or a generative statistical model. Bottom: the percentage of frames in which a coiled posture was detected. In panel (B), 9–12 L4 larvae of each genotype were imaged at 10 frames per second for 2–4 hours, yielding a total of approximately 105 images. Error bars and thin lines depict animal-to-animal variation (mean ± s.e.m).

Fig 4