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Connectivity Homology Enables Inter-Species Network Models of Synthetic Lethality

Fig 6

A. Druggable gene pairs clustered by SINaTRA score.

Sixty-two unique genes that participated in predicted SL interactions with SINaTRA scores >0.85, where both genes mapped to drugs in DCDB, were identified. All pairwise SINaTRA scores were computed and clustered by score. Areas of high- and low SINaTRA scores are clearly visible. B. All possible gene pairs identified in Part A were mapped to DCDB, and gene pairs whose products are targeted by single drugs and combination therapies in the clinical pipeline were highlighted (pre-clinical, blue; clinical trials, green; single drug, red; gene pairs filtered out by genetic analysis, gray; filtered gene pairs associated with drugs, black [n = 0]). Areas enriched for drug combinations were highlighted in both parts A and B. C. Enrichment of tested compounds in the four areas of interest were calculated using the Fisher Exact Test, and p-values were calculated. Areas 1, 2 and 4 were significantly enriched. D. Distributions of SINaTRA score by drug type.

Fig 6