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Network-Based Isoform Quantification with RNA-Seq Data for Cancer Transcriptome Analysis

Fig 1

An isoform transcript network based on protein domain-domain interactions.

(A) The subnetwork shows the domain-domain interactions among transcripts from four human genes, CD79B, CD79A, LCK and SYK. In the network, the nodes represent isoform transcripts, which are further grouped and annotated by their gene name; and the edges represent domain-domain interactions between two transcripts. Each edge is also annotated by the interacting domains in the two transcripts. (B) RefSeq transcript annotations of CD79A and CD79B are shown with Pfam domain marked in color. The Pfam domains were detected with Pfam-Scan software. Note that no interaction is included between transcripts NM_001039933 and NM_000626 of gene CD79B without assuming self-interactions for modeling simplicity. For better visualization, only the interactions coincide with PPI are shown in the figure.

Fig 1