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Improved Statistical Methods Enable Greater Sensitivity in Rhythm Detection for Genome-Wide Data

Fig 5

Higher numbers of replicates provide greater sensitivity compared to increased density of time points for the same number of samples.

Results shown are AUROC values for sine and ramp simulated data with 50% noise (see S4 Fig. for additional waveforms and sample numbers). “Points” refers to the number of time points per period (“Points 12” refers to 12 points per period) and “Replicates” refers to the number of replicates per time series (“Replicates 2” refers to 2 samples per time point). Together, “Points 12 Replicates 2” refers to a time series that consists of 12 time points per period with 2 replicates per time point. Abbreviations are the same as in Fig. 4.

Fig 5