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Improved Statistical Methods Enable Greater Sensitivity in Rhythm Detection for Genome-Wide Data

Fig 4

AUROCs for simulated data with 50% noise (standard deviation of Gaussian noise as a percent of amplitude).

An AUROC value of 1 represents perfect discrimination between rhythmic and arrhythmic time series, and a value of 0.5 corresponds to random guessing. In each panel, the number of replicates increases from 1 to 4 replicates from left to right, and the number of sampled points per period is indicated by color. AUROC for single-replicate ANOVA (for which the method is undefined) is set at 0.5 exactly. Imp: impulse waveform, Cyclo: cyclohedron test, Address: address reduction, Stable: stable persistence, JTK: original JTK_CYCLE with Bonferroni correction, JTK_BH: JTK_CYCLE with Benjamini-Hochberg correction with symmetric triangle reference, eJTK: empirical JTK_CYCLE with symmetric triangle reference, JTK_BH_aby2: JTK_CYCLE with Benjamini-Hochberg correction and triangle references with asymmetries from 2 to 22 h by 2 h, eJTK_aby2: empirical JTK_CYCLE with triangle references with asymmetries from 2 to 22 h by 2 h.

Fig 4