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Laminar and Dorsoventral Molecular Organization of the Medial Entorhinal Cortex Revealed by Large-scale Anatomical Analysis of Gene Expression

Figure 2

Identification of MEC-enriched genes.

(A) Locations on the central reference image (ImrefC) for which mean pixel intensities (mINT) were extracted from the MEC, neocortex (Neo), hippocampus (Hip), piriform cortex (PF), caudate putamen (CP) and amygdala (Ag). (B) Bars indicate Pearson’s correlation coefficients between mINTMEC and mINT[OTHER] for all genes in the re-registered ABA data set. (C) Images show the average pixel intensities throughout sagittal sections corresponding to the central reference section of genes that have at least 4-fold higher mINT* in MEC than in neocortex (red frame), hippocampus (green), piriform cortex (blue), amygdala (magenta) or caudate putamen (cyan) individually. Just 3 genes are expressed at higher levels in MEC than other brain regions pooled together (yellow frame). Lower bar charts indicate the proportion of genes in each list that are expressed in each other region, given the same inclusion criteria.*Inclusion criteria: mINTMEC ≥ 2 and mINTnormMEC ≥ 0.8 (≥ 0.99 if mINTMEC < 5) and mINTOTHER < 5.

Figure 2