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Lipid Clustering Correlates with Membrane Curvature as Revealed by Molecular Simulations of Complex Lipid Bilayers

Figure 2

Fractional interaction matrix of the outer and inner leaflet of the plasma membrane.

The matrix shows the fractional interaction as the relative number of contacts between lipids compared to all other contacts. If a lipid has more than one contact with another lipid this interaction is only counted once. Two lipids are defined as being in contact if the distance between the glycerol ester moiety and amino alcohols is less than 11 Å. Since cholesterol flip-flops between the leaflets during simulations it is not possible to assign these to specific leaflets and has therefore been omitted from this analysis. A fully random distribution of between four lipid types would result in a fraction of 0.25. (A) Fractional interaction of the lipids within the outer leaflet. (B) Fractional interaction of inner leaflet lipids.

Figure 2