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A Taxonomy of Bacterial Microcompartment Loci Constructed by a Novel Scoring Method

Figure 3

Similarity network of bacterial microcompartment loci.

Nodes represent all Candidate BMC Loci and satellite-like loci analyzed using LoClass. The length of any given edge between two nodes is proportional to the pairwise locus similarity score as generated using the LoClass method. The locus similarity network was clustered using MCL at a score cut-off of 3 and inflation value of 2, resulting in 10 different clusters. Node sizes are proportional to the number of genes in the envelope, the maximal region in the locus bounded by BMC shell protein genes. Node colors and shapes correspond to the locus (sub)type as predicted by our analysis (see key). The white circle in Cluster 1 indicates a locus in a synthetic genome not included in our analysis [121].

Figure 3