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Depletion of the Chromatin Looping Proteins CTCF and Cohesin Causes Chromatin Compaction: Insight into Chromatin Folding by Polymer Modelling

Figure 4

Effect of short-range and long-range looping probabilities on the relationships between the MSD and the contour distance in the adapted DL polymer model.

(A) Varying the short-range looping probability at constant long-range looping probability (plong 0.03). (B) Varying long-range looping probability at constant short-range looping (pshort 0.03). The MSD plateau levels is a measure of overall polymer compaction. The simulations show that decreasing the long-range looping probability results in expansion of the polymer, while lowering short-range looping probability leads to compaction. To facilitate comparison between the two effects, the MSD was normalized by the plateau level of the MSD for plong = 0.03 and pshort = 0.03 (MSDref) because this parameter combination is present in both figures.

Figure 4