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Geometry Shapes Evolution of Early Multicellularity

Figure 5

Selection for group size.

A) The number of groups that satisfy size thresholds are shown for a degree cap of 3 for different probabilities of death: (blue), (red), (green), (black). As the group size increases, the number of groups above threshold drops. Small group size favors higher probabilities of death while large group size favors low probability of death. B) Same as A but with a degree cap of 4. The range in which is dominant has expanded and does better at group sizes above . C) The number of cells within groups that satisfy size thresholds for a degree cap of 4 is shown for different probabilities of death (same color scheme). In contrast to B, the probability of death has a much larger range in which it is best. Comparing B and C, there is a region between 10 and 100 cells in which the probability of death produces more groups but fewer cells in those groups than .

Figure 5