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Rethinking Transcriptional Activation in the Arabidopsis Circadian Clock

Figure 5

The effects of RVE8 in the model.

(A–C) Expression levels in the transition from LD to LL, comparing the model (eight parameter sets, solid black lines) with experimental data (green triangles [29], red squares [59], blue circles [28] and purple diamonds [60]). (A) RVE8 mRNA in wt, (B) LHY in wt, and (C) LHY in rve4;rve6;rve8. (D–F) The effect of RVE8 on each of its target genes, as a time-dependent multiplicative factor, in the eight parameter sets. (D) PRR9 (solid red) and PRR5 (dotted blue), (E) GI (solid green) and TOC1 (dotted black), and (F) LUX (solid purple) and ELF4 (dotted light blue).

Figure 5