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Rethinking Transcriptional Activation in the Arabidopsis Circadian Clock

Figure 3

NOX and its interaction with CCA1.

Comparison between the F2014 model (eight parameter sets, black lines) and experimental data (green triangles [31], blue circles [30], red squares [52] and purple diamonds [53]), and the earlier models P2011 (dashed red lines) and P2012 (dotted blue lines), where applicable, in the transition from LD to LL. (A) NOX mRNA in wt. (B) LUX mRNA in wt. (C–F) CCA1 mRNA in (C) wt, (D) nox mutant (boa-1), (E) lux mutant (pcl1-1), and (F) NOX-ox. The peak mRNA levels for the models were normalized to 1 in wt, and the same normalization was kept for the mutants. Experimental data were scaled to match the model in panel C, and the same normalization was used in panels D–F. Note the different y scales.

Figure 3