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Rethinking Transcriptional Activation in the Arabidopsis Circadian Clock

Figure 2

The evening complex and its components.

Concentration levels of a selection of model components relevant to EC, in the transition from LD 12:12 (light/dark cycles) to LL (constant light), comparing our ensemble of models (eight parameter sets, black lines), to the previous models P2011 (dashed red line) and P2012 (dotted blue line). (A) ELF3 mRNA in wild type (wt), compared with a typical experiment (green triangles, data from [51]). (B) ELF3 protein in the nucleus, not counting complexes. (C) The ELF3-ELF4 protein complex. (D) The resulting evening complex. Each curve was normalized to a peak level of 1. Grey background signifies the night of the last day of LD before the transition to LL at ZT 24.

Figure 2