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Optimizing Metabolite Production Using Periodic Oscillations

Figure 1

Model system of central carbon metabolism.

This kinetic model includes glycolysis, gluconeogenesis, and the pentose phosphate pathway. The model assumes that glucose is the feed substrate and is catabolized into various smaller compounds. Each node is a single metabolite (written in lower case) and these nodes are connected by reactions (written in capital letters). Reactions with multiple metabolites leading into the reaction, such as TKA, TKB, DAHPS, require both substrates for the reaction to occur. Effectors, indicated in white ovals, control the reaction rates of several of the model reactions. Effectors that upregulate a reaction are marked with a +, whereas those that downregulate the reaction are indicated by a -. Enzymes that are most influential for PEP production have been grouped together and called the PEP-influencing cluster (orange circles).

Figure 1