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From the Phenomenology to the Mechanisms of Consciousness: Integrated Information Theory 3.0

Figure 16

A system can condense into a major complex and minor complexes that may or may not interact with it.

The set of elements ABC specifies the local maximum of integrated information ΦMax and thus forms the major complex of the system. The sets of elements DE and FG also specify local maxima of integrated information albeit with lower ΦMax than the main complex. DE and FG thus form minor complexes. The set of elements ABCDE is strongly integrated, but is excluded from forming a complex, since it overlaps with ABC, which is a local maximum of integrated information. The elements I, J, and L cannot be part of any complex since they do not have both causes and effects in the rest of the system. Neither can H and K, since they are part of a strictly feed-forward chain.

Figure 16