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From the Phenomenology to the Mechanisms of Consciousness: Integrated Information Theory 3.0

Figure 10

Information: A conceptual structure C (constellation of concepts) is the set of all concepts generated by a set of elements in a state.

(A) The candidate set ABC – a system composed of mechanisms in a state. (B) The power set of ABC's mechanisms. (C) The concepts generated by the candidate set. Core causes are plotted on the left, core effects on the right. values are shown in blue fonts in the middle of the cause and effect repertoires of each mechanism. Note that all mechanisms in the power set are concepts, with the exception of mechanism AC, which can be fully reduced . (D) The concepts generated by the candidate set plotted in concept space, where each axis corresponds to a possible state of ABC. For ease of representation past and future subspaces are plotted separately, with only three axes each. The “null” concept puc is indicated by the small black crosses in concept space.

Figure 10