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A Dendritic Mechanism for Decoding Traveling Waves: Principles and Applications to Motor Cortex

Figure 5

Response properties of the PTN somatic compartment.

(A) Spike trains produced by the model in response to 20 Hz sinusoidal injection currents of amplitude 0.50 nA, 0.51 nA, 1.00 nA and 1.50 nA respectively. Bottom trace (red) shows the time course of the injection current. (B) Steady-state firing response of the model to 20 Hz sinusoidal injection current. The plateaus in the response curve are due to entrainment of the membrane potential to the oscillatory input. The main plateaus occur at 20 Hz and 40 Hz. Smaller plateaus also occur at 10 Hz, 13.25 Hz, 30 Hz and 33.25 Hz. (C) Steady-state firing response of the same model to constant injection currents. The parameters of the model were tuned so that this curve closely matched the physiological properties of pyramidal neurons [62][64]. Specifically, a mean slope of 42 Hz/nA and sudden onset of 10 Hz firing as the injection current approaches 0.5 nA.

Figure 5