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Noise-invariant Neurons in the Avian Auditory Cortex: Hearing the Song in Noise

Figure 2

Location of noise invariant neurons in NCM.

A. Photomicrograph of Nissl-stained brain slice in one bird showing the typical trajectory of the electrode penetration. By carefully orienting our electrode angle, we were able to sample NCM along its entire dorsal to ventral extent. B. Scatter plot of noise invariance against stereotactic depth of neural recordings. Noise invariance and recording depth were significantly correlated (slope = 0.15/mm, adjusted R2 = 0.13, p = 0.02). The example neurons are labeled A and B on the scatter plot. C. Scatter plot showing the relationship between the best frequency (Y-axis) and the depth of the recording along the dorsal to ventral axis of NCM (X-axis). The solid line is the linear regression between these two variables (adjusted R2 = 0.34, p<10-3).

Figure 2