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Standard Anatomical and Visual Space for the Mouse Retina: Computational Reconstruction and Transformation of Flattened Retinae with the Retistruct Package

Figure 8

Visuotopic axes with respect to S-opsin distribution. A,

S-opsin staining in dorsal, central and ventral retina. Images acquired at 20× magnification. Scale bar is 100 m. B–C, S-opsin distribution for right (A) and left (B) eyes plotted in orthographic projection centred on optic axis (*) at 22° elevation and 64° azimuth. Bottom left plot is flat-mounted retina. Bottom right plot is azimuthal equilateral plot. Plots were generated from stitched 10× epifluorescent images and cell locations detected using ImageJ [29]. There are slight differences between the two eyes in the exact angle of density transition with respect to the horizontal meridian and in the density of staining around the optic disc. These will reflect experimental variance. Again our normal convention of showing nasal to the left has been relaxed. Scale bar is 1 mm. D, The average offset of the S-opsin density-transition from the horizontal meridian in central and peripheral visual field (). Error bars are SEM. E, S-opsin distribution for both eyes plotted in a sinusoidal projection with same optic axis (*) as in C. Yellow outline is edge of left retina; red outline is edge of right retina. Labels N, D, T, V indicate the projection of the corresponding pole of the retina. Grid spacing is 15°.

Figure 8