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Standard Anatomical and Visual Space for the Mouse Retina: Computational Reconstruction and Transformation of Flattened Retinae with the Retistruct Package

Figure 3

Deformation of reconstructions and the effect of rim angle. A,

Histogram of the reconstruction error measure obtained from 288 successfully reconstructed retinae. B, Relationship between deformation measure and age. “A” indicates adult animals. C, Schematic diagram of eye, indicating the measurements and made on mouse eyes at different stages of development, and the rim angle derived from these measurements. Note that rim angle is measured from the optic pole (*). D, Rim colatitude that minimises reconstruction error versus the rim angle determined from eye measurements. Solid line shows equality and grey lines indicate ±10° and ±20° from equality. E, Minimum reconstruction error obtained by optimising rim angle versus reconstruction error obtained when using the rim angle from eye measurements. Solid line indicates equality.

Figure 3