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Standard Anatomical and Visual Space for the Mouse Retina: Computational Reconstruction and Transformation of Flattened Retinae with the Retistruct Package

Figure 2

Examples of reconstructed retinae. A–D,

An example of a reconstruction of an adult retina with low deformation measure . A, Plot of length of edge on the sphere versus length of edge on the flat retina. Red indicates an edge that has expanded and blue a edge that has been compressed. B, The log strain indicated using the same colour scheme on the flat retina. C, The flat representation of lines of latitude and longitude with the optic disc (blue). D, The azimuthal equidistant (polar) representation showing the locations of the cuts and tears (cyan) and the location of the optic disc (blue). E–H, An example of a reconstruction of a P0 retina with high deformation energy . Meaning of E–H same as for corresponding panel in A–D. All scale bars are 1 mm.

Figure 2