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Intrinsic Disorder in the Human Spliceosomal Proteome

Figure 1

Intrinsic disorder content of the various groups of core spliceosome proteins.

In deeper shades are marked the values for all proteins of the snRNP subunits of the major spliceosome (“snRNP proteins, major spl.”) and for all the proteins of the major spliceosome (“all proteins, major spl.”). The orange line indicates means calculated per-protein (disorder fraction was calculated for each protein first, and then a mean was taken out of this) while the green line indicates means calculated per-residue (the number of all disordered residues in a protein group divided by the total length of proteins in the group). Per-residue means are indicated above the line. Spliceosome protein groups are ordered according to per-residue means.

Figure 1