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Viral Perturbations of Host Networks Reflect Disease Etiology

Figure 2

Virally implicated diseases associated with genes in the neighborhoods of viral targets.

A,B, The number of virally implicated diseases in the neighborhoods was higher than randomly expected for EBV (A) and HPV16 (B). C,D, The number of differentially expressed genes in the neighborhood of viral targets of either EBV (C) or HPV16 (D) was significantly higher compared to that in the neighborhood of randomly sampled host genes. The total number of genes regulated by EBV and HPV targets is 109 and 122, respectively. Expression level was measured in tissues of two virally implicated diseases respectively, Burkitt's lymphoma (EBV) and cervical cancer (HPV), and compared to normal tissues. E,F, Known virally implicated diseases in the vicinity of viral targets for EBV (E) and HPV16 (F). Examples of paths that are known to correspond to disease mechanism are highlighted in grey and listed individually underneath.

Figure 2