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Power-Law Inter-Spike Interval Distributions Infer a Conditional Maximization of Entropy in Cortical Neurons

Figure 3

Estimation of the firing rate in cortical neurons.

(A) The value of κ ( = 3.49) was estimated by the method used in Miura et al. (2007) [35] and the instantaneous firing rate was estimated for a cortical neuron according to the method proposed in Koyama and Shinomoto (2005) [34]. (B) Double-logarithmic histogram of ISIs constructed for the spike train shown in (A) exhibited a power-law decaying tail (black). The histogram was fitted with a beta-2 distribution (gray). (C) Distribution of the estimated instantaneous firing rate (black) was fitted with a gamma distribution (gray). (D) The semi-logarithmic plot of the same rate distribution exhibits an exponentially decaying tail (black) characteristic to the gamma distribution (gray).

Figure 3