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Coherent Conformational Degrees of Freedom as a Structural Basis for Allosteric Communication

Figure 7

Chaperones GroEL-GroES and CCT.

(A) Left: Structure of GroEL-GroES colored by the different domains (PDB entry 1sx4). Middle and right: surface and cross-section of GroEL-GroES displaying coupling between one ATP site and the rest of the protein DPi. ADP molecules are displayed as orange spheres throughout. The ATP site used for the calculation is the second one from the left in the present view of the cis ring (B) Left: Structure of CCT chaperone (PDB entry 3p9d) with subdomains and ligands colored analogously to GroEL-GroES. Middle and right: DPi for the second ATP site from the left in the upper ring. The color scheme for DPi is the same as in Figure 4.

Figure 7