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Integrated Information Increases with Fitness in the Evolution of Animats

Figure 4

Maze structure and animat trajectory.

Part of one of the test mazes, along with the trajectory of an adapted animat as well as a view of the animat's brain (the four internal nodes 6–9, top four pixels in each animat location) and the motor outputs (bottom two pixels). A bit set to ‘1’ is indicated in green, while blue indicates a bit set to ‘0’. The value of the sensory bits can be inferred from the animat's location. The downward pointing arrow inside a door reminds us that the animat would perceive a ‘1’ on its door sensor at that location (indicating that the next door will be found to the right of the animat's position). If the door is straight ahead or to the left, the door sensor will be set to ‘0’. The animat's goal is to move as far across the maze as possible (see Methods). Note that this representation does not show when the animat is stationary (waits) or retraces its path.

Figure 4