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Conflicting Biomedical Assumptions for Mathematical Modeling: The Case of Cancer Metastasis

Figure 6

A map of comments provided by experts with details on expert backgrounds.

The ideas discussed by the experts for three main interview topics were (A) what acquisition of metastasis requires, (B) when metastasis is acquired, and (C) what factors affect preferential choice of specific tissues/organs by metastatic cells (tropism). Color-filled squares indicate that the corresponding idea (one per row) was discussed by the corresponding expert (one per column). The responses have been grouped to illustrate the variance for “PhDs vs. MDs vs. MD/PhDs” and experts that received their first aforementioned degree “before 1986 vs. between 1986 and 1995 vs. after 1995.” On the top, the expert ID number can be found followed by four rows of color-coded squares, indicative of four classifications associated with each expert: (1) “The-University-of-Chicago vs. elsewhere”; (2) when experts received their first professional degree—“before 1986 vs. between 1986 and 1995 vs. after 1995”; (3) “men vs. women”; (4) and the nature of their advanced degrees—“PhDs vs. MDs vs. MD/PhDs.”

Figure 6