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Conflicting Biomedical Assumptions for Mathematical Modeling: The Case of Cancer Metastasis

Figure 3

Metastatic cascades as viewed by individual experts.

(A) The cascade that we presented to the experts as a “textbook” cascade. Experts suggested reordering stages, removing certain stages and/or adding new ones. (B) Expert-specific depiction of metastasis progression suggested during interviews. Note that every scenario is distinct. Expert 3 did not suggest any scenario, commenting that we have insufficient knowledge; four experts suggested two possibilities (depicted as a pair of scenarios grouped by vertical bars). The ellipses (…) indicate that experts agreed with the prior or posterior sequence that we showed them. (Supplementary Figure S1 demonstrates further variation provided by experts in renaming stages.) (C) Additional stages/concepts that were not present in the original schematic (A) but were suggested by experts.

Figure 3