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Benchmarking Ontologies: Bigger or Better?

Figure 2

Overlap of the three largest thesauri and three medical ontologies in our study.

(Inset diagrams represent modified Venn diagrams where each set is depicted in such a way that the number of elements in the set is exactly proportional to size of the corresponding area.) (A–B) Venn diagrams showing intersections between three of the compared medical ontologies: ICD9 CM, SNOMED and CCPSS at the level of concepts (disease and syndrome only) and at the level of relations between these concepts. (C–D) Venn diagrams showing intersections between the three largest thesauri: WordNet, The Synonym Finder (Finder), and Webster's New World Roget's A–Z Thesaurus (Roget's) at the level of headwords and synonym pairs.

Figure 2