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Using Transcription Modules to Identify Expression Clusters Perturbed in Williams-Beuren Syndrome

Figure 3

Hierarchical diagram of the transcription modules dysregulated in WBS identified in the M1 (left) and M2 (right) modular studies.

Directed edges indicate direct subset relationships, and they always point upwards. The number of genes in a module is shown at the top left corner of the module box. Modules annotated with a red star on their top right corner contain at least one hemizygous (or flanking) gene; the ones with green stars on their bottom right corner were replicated in lymphoblastoid cell lines; blue stars on the bottom left corner indicate modules that show significant enrichment for extracellular region genes. An interactive version of this figure is available in the online supporting material at, which allows to further query the gene content and functional enrichment of the modules.

Figure 3