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Using Transcription Modules to Identify Expression Clusters Perturbed in Williams-Beuren Syndrome

Figure 2

Example of a WBS dysregulated module (#770 from the M2 module set).

This module contains 149 genes (one per line) and 9 samples (columns). Seven samples are from WBS patients (denoted with “W”), C-5290 is a control sample from our dataset, while HPGS-9 belongs to a publicly available dataset. Gene scores are plotted on the left and sample scores at the top. The 59 genes with positive gene scores (bottom lines) are downregulated (green) in the seven WBS samples and upregulated (red) in the other two. The remaining 90 genes show the opposite pattern: they are upregulated in the WBS samples and downregulated in the remaining two samples. Hemizygous gene names are emphasized in red and the names of genes mapping to HSA7 in boldface. Red asterisks indicate genes belonging to the GO category “extracellular region” while black asterisks denote genes from the “intrinsic to membrane” category.

Figure 2