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Adaptable Functionality of Transcriptional Feedback in Bacterial Two-Component Systems

Figure 1

Schematics of two-component system production and regulation.

A. A single operon expresses response regulator (RR) and sensor histidine kinase (SHK). Bifunctional SHK modulates RR phosphorylation. Dimerized phosphorylated RR regulates its own operon as well as downstream proteins. B. Post-transcriptional biochemical mechanisms. ↕ denotes reactions modeled as monomolecular; and → denote reversible and irreversible bimolecular reactions, respectively. Reaction mechanisms include protein-protein binding and unbinding and phosphorylation (including from exogenous sources for free RR). Each complex is subject to growth dilution; mRNA undergoes degradation (not depicted for clarity). Tables 1 and S1 present a quantitative formulation of the model.

Figure 1