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Functional Characterization of Transcription Factor Motifs Using Cross-species Comparison across Large Evolutionary Distances

Figure 4

Performance of predicted motif – GO associations using cross-species comparison, evaluated based on ChIP-based binding data.

The prediction performance is shown as the precision of the top 5 and top 10 predictions per motif (“PrecAt5” and “PrecAt10”, respectively), the precision at a significance threshold (p-value) of 0.005 (“PrecAtPval0.005”), and as the point where precision equals recall (“PrecEqRecall”). Three different levels of significance (“cutoff E-value” 0.001 (A, D), 0.01 (B, E), and 0.05 (C, F)) were used to define the set of true associations, and the effect of cross-species comparison on the Nasonia (A–C) and Drosophila (D–F) motif function maps were reported separately.

Figure 4