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Global Motions of the Nuclear Pore Complex: Insights from Elastic Network Models

Figure 4

Overlap of global modes for spoke-based models with those of uniform toroid.

The three panels show the correlation cosines between the slowest modes of toroids composed of 7 (panel A), 8 (panel B) and 9 (panel C) uniform-density spokes with those of a uniform toroid. Perfect agreement between the modes of two models would be indicated by the unit matrix. For clarity, the blocks corresponding to different modes are separated by thin lines. The 2×2 blocks refer to 2-fold degenerate modes, and the smaller squares within each of these capture the mode overlap as well as an arbitrary phase separation. Here it can be seen that increasing the number of spokes reduces the number of off-diagonal elements in the matrix, indicating a higher overlap between the two sets.

Figure 4