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Stem Cell Proliferation and Quiescence—Two Sides of the Same Coin

Figure 4

Kinetics of label dilution in the context of the single-cell based model.

A. Optimal fit of the single cell-based model (red curve, average of 100 simulation runs) to the particular data by Kiel et al. [3] (black dots +/−SD). The corresponding green and blue curves show the corresponding fraction of activated and quiescent cells among the label retaining cells, respectively. F0 = 45% of HSCs are initially labeled, N = 2 divisions are necessary to dilute the label below the detection threshold. B. Corresponding fit for the data by Wilson et al. [4]. F0 = 71% of HSCs are initially labeled, N = 5 divisions are necessary for label dilution. C. Distribution of individual turnover times in the simulation for activated (green) and quiescent cells (blue). D. Percentage of label retaining cells as a function of time, depending on the number of divisions N to dilute the label. Dark lines are the average values over 100 simulations, shaded regions indicate +−SD.

Figure 4