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Relating Neuronal Firing Patterns to Functional Differentiation of Cerebral Cortex

Figure 2

Performance of LvR and other firing irregularity metrics.

(A) Dependence of LvR on the refractoriness constant, R. Ordinate, performance of LvR estimated as the F-value of ANOVA for the entire 1,307 neurons. (B) Peristimulus spike rasters and histograms for two MT neurons during a stimulus with textured image motion from 500–700 ms (thick horizontal bar) [47]. The spike rasters were aligned to the onset of a fixation target (the origin of the abscissa) upon which the monkey was required to fixate. The perievent metrics Cv, Lv and LvR were determined for spike rasters sampled in time windows of ±50 ms around the time of each bin. Error bars indicate the confidence level (p<0.05, t-distribution). (C) Scatter plots of the six metrics plotted against fluctuation in the firing rate across 20 ISI segments from the 1,307 neurons. The ordinate and abscissa represent the deviations of the metric and the firing rate from the means, normalized to SD, respectively. Colored lines represent average slopes.

Figure 2