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Prediction of Protein Binding Regions in Disordered Proteins

Figure 1

The construction of the ANCHOR prediction method demonstrated on the N-terminal domain of human p53.

Left: IUPred prediction score for the full length human p53 (top) and S, Eint and Egain calculated for the disordered N terminal domain of human p53 (middle). Grey boxes show the three binding sites with the overlap of the RPA70N and RNAPII binding sites shown in dark grey. The outputs of the three individually optimized predictors are shown in black and their average, the final prediction score is shown in purple (bottom). Right: PDB structures of the binding sites in the N-terminal region of p53 (yellow) complexed with the respective partners (blue): MDM2 (top, PDB ID: 1ycq [57]), RPA 70N (middle, PDB ID: 2b3g [58]) and RNA PII (bottom, PDB ID: 2gs0 [59]).

Figure 1