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Phylogenetic and Functional Assessment of Orthologs Inference Projects and Methods

Figure 3

Results of benchmarks from literature.

Performance on manually curated gene trees from 4 published studies. [9],[24],[26],[27]. (A) The pairwise outcome of every project against OMA are shown, indicated with the relative difference of the true positive rate between OMA and its counter project versus their relative difference of the false-positive rate. (B) Performance for the protein intersection dataset. Shown are the true positive rate (sensitivity) versus the false-positive rate (1 - specificity). In both plots, the error bars indicate the 95% confidence interval and the “better arrow” points into the direction of higher specificity and sensitivity. Projects lying in the gray area are dominated, in (A) by “OMA Pairwise” and in (B) by at least one other project.

Figure 3